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"You can  anticipate a healthy dose of laughter during your lesson. I believe laughter opens us up and makes it easier for us to learn new things!"

- Moni Stephenson

Arts Education

A dynamic theatre artist and arts eduction administrator, Moni Stephenson has conducted a variety of workshops and residencies in drama, playwriting, vocal music and movement in collaboration with: 

  • New York City Public Schools

  • The MGR Foundation

  • Hope Academy in East Liberty, Pgh

  • Renasance City Choir

  • City Theatre, Pgh.  

  • The Widener Memorial School for Students with Disabilities in Philadelphia 

  • Villanova University

  • Philadelphia Young Playwrights

  • Why Not Prosper

  • The Children’s Aid Society


Education Director

Moni has served as the Education Director for 1812 Productions’ award-winning education program, 1812 Outreach in Philadelphia, and for Prime Stage Theater

Company in Pittsburgh.


Under Monica's direction, 1812 Outreach received the prestigious George Bartol Arts Education Award and was honored for Excellence in Theatre Education and Community Service at the 2011 Barrymore Awards for bringing to life the collaborative, multi-disciplinary, student written and performed production of “We Write South Philly High.” 


The project was created in response to increased racial tension and violence at South Philadelphia High School in urban Philadelphia.

We Write South Philly High

Philadelphia Young Playwrights

Student-written and performed play developed at South Philadelphia High in collaboration with 1812 Education, The Wilma Theatre and Philadelphia Young Playwrights

Private Lessons and Coaching

Moni strives to make learning a fun and exploratory process for all.  Through a mix of modern and classical methodologies, she offers a nuturing approach to help students master the building blocks of musicianship and technique.

Once a foundation is achieved, Moni encourages students to develop their own artistic voices through any genre of music that speaks to them!

  • Voice

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Songwriting

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