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Vocalist/Song Maker

"Monica's performance and composition experience as well as her professional training provide a framework for her creativity, enabling her to infuse passion and brilliance into each new project with incredible energy and professionalism." - T. Jackson

Commision Work

Moni works with individuals and organizations to create custom songs and jingles for any occasion!


Musical Guest

Organic banter paired with original songs makes Moni a great throughline for events, conferences. banquets, and more. Moni has graced NPR's The Moth Pittsburgh stage as musical guest. May 2019

Solo Work

Moni brings humor and heart to her original songs. From dating, to falling in love, to losing sleep as a new mom, Moni writes what she knows and sings what she feels. 

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Moni has performed vocals, guitar, ukulele, and piano with varying groups and recording artists in Pittsburgh, Philladelphia, NYC, and more.


"Monica brings a vibrant personality to the stage. Her comical timing and wit immediately draw in audiences, making her music sparkle and keeping fans glued to their seats. She has a fine-tuned radar for what works for her audiences, and she delivers incredible performances again and again." - T. Jackson


My Traveling Song

Performances April 5th – 14th, 2019

Carnegie Stage

Directed by Anya Martin

Photos by Renee Rosensteel

The Harvey Wallbangers


Moni StephensonSongwriter, Sketch Writer, Performer

Ongoing premieres and performances of original songs and sketches for professional sketch comedy group in residence at Carnegie Stage in Pittsburgh.

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“As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it.”
― Lao Tzu

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