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Meet Moni


A native of Pittsburgh, Moni is a graduate of Duquesne University's School of Music, and a proud C.A.P.A. High School alumnus.  She credits the city’s evolving cultural scene for inspiring her commitment to arts education and is excited to have the opportunity to help cultivate young artists and future patrons in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Moni has worked with TheatreworksUSA, 1812 Productions, Philadelphia Young Playwrights, The Wilma Theater, City Theatre, The Pittsburgh Opera Company, Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre, Unseam’d Shakespeare Co., Prime Stage Theater and New York Theater Workshop.  Favorite omposer credits include: My Traveling Song, Hiawatha Project; Twelfth Night, Prime Stage Theater; The Carols, 1812 Productions; Tyndale Place, 1812 productions and a musical adaptation of This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing for Hope Academy.


Her latest musical collaboration, Buoyant Sea will premiere in May 2023 as part of the EQT Children's Festival.

As an educator, Monica has a thriving studio of private voice and piano students. She has also lead a variety of classes and workshops in theater arts, singing and songwriting for organizations such as Children’s Aide Society NYC, Why Not Prosper in Philadelphia, Pgh City Theater, Dreams of Hope, Hope Academy, LaRoche College, PghCLO, Center for Theater Arts and Renaissance City Choir. 


Moni occasionally performs as a member of the Harvey Wallbangers Sketch Comedy group, and in music venues throughout Pittsburgh.


Moni Stephenson is currently based in Pittsburgh, Pa with her son, Samuel, her partner, Rachel and their very nosey dogs, Penny and Alma.

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